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Secure, and Safe

MemOS's internals, API bindings, and tooling are all written in Rust, allowing us to leverage the powerful semantics of a modern language and the safety tools therein. MemOS data and programs are secured via a capability-based and flexible security model that allows programmers to compartmentalize their applications.

Independent Scaling

MemOS is designed to enable users to independently scale compute, storage, and memory resources. Through the use of invariant pointers, MemOS allows users to build rich, sharable data structures, without resorting to slow serialization. MemOS objects allow data to easily move throughout a distributed environment without losing the semantics of rich data references.


MemOS is designed to support CXL out of the gate, but to also enhance CXL-enabled applications by providing easily integrated call-by-reference semantics to remote- or hardware-accelerated computation, including near-memory, near-storage, or other forms of compute offload.

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